#'WHY I AM A HINDU' is the latest book by #Shashi Tharoor. I haven't read the book and neither do I intend to. However, it caught my attention, when his recent comments during a supposed academic conference in his home State, made it to the prime time news slot ( these days though one wonders at the choice of subjects as the prime time News !) "If they win a repeat in the Lok Sabha, our democratic constitution as we understand it, will not survive as they will have all the elements they need to tear apart the constitution of India and write a new one," ANI(Asia News International) quoted the Congress MP as saying. That, without doubt had created a lot of uproar and an 'apology' was demanded by the 'targeted party'.One of the most trending phrase on twitter around that time was #'Hindu Pakistan'- quite unsurprisingly! Few also said that it was a deliberate move by Shashi Tharoor to 'generate publicity' for his book. At a time like this, when India is only months' away from #GeneralElections, the whole episode acquires a new tinge. For me though, I was not really concerned with Tharoor's book, but his comment was something that kept hovering in my mind. I juxtaposed it in my mind with the thoughts of upcoming elections.

Who am I going to vote for! I thought over the pre 2014 scenario. I remembered the 2G scam,Tatra Truck Scam,Adarsh Scam- to name just a few. People were angry and UPA was shown the door.  Post 2014 scenario was all about euphoria and everyone seemed to be sure of having a job, development and other such things that's crucial for a nation that wants to be bracketed with the 'Developed Countries'. The 'against reservation' class started thinking that finally here is the Government that believes in merit .They were ready to accept the 'economically backward category' reservation. Belonging to any particular religion and the concerns attached to its 'advantages and disadvantages' had been pushed back. Quickly though, before anyone could think, religion took the centre stage, unlike Vajpayee era. Then demonetization happened, and few things that should have happened didn't happen. Vyapam, Modigate, Gautam Adani, Wilmar and a probable 1,90,000 Crores Pulses scam soon started blurring the line between the two biggest parties. On the social front, one party says that they are the most 'inclusive' political party and the interests and welfare of the minorities can be safe only with them. Perhaps women are not a part of that and a case in point is the treatment meted out to the 'Shahbano case'. Shahbano, despite the Supreme Courts order, couldn't claim any maintenance from her husband as the party seemed more concerned about the minority votes,rather than the welfare of a woman.The then (1984) Rajiv Gandhi Govt went on to passing an act (Protection on Divorce Act),  that in effect  overturned the verdict in the Shah Bano case and said the maintenance period can only be made liable for the Iddat period. Too much for the welfare of women ..eh! Alright, so may be the other one could be trusted with, or so one thought; what with making a law against #Triple-Talak. And it got rewarded amply in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. But then the intent seems more and more questionable when one sees around an environment where crowd (Are the youth of this country deliberately kept unemployed, so that on payment,they can be turned into 'mob'/'crowd' as and when required!!!) is egged on to take the law to the street , in the name of #'Gau-Raksha'! Even art,culture and Cinema seemed to be a captive of the mob, where the movie goers, cinema owners are threatened brazenly and the normal working is stopped in the entire country..well mostly, right under the nose of the administration (Do we have something like this!!!! ). I tried to think if it was any better than the previous Gov. I couldn't really be sure. I really love my country with its various components; elements that lends it such a diversifies cultural beauty. I love Biryanis prepared by my Muslim friends, love the Parsi embroidery, and special fruit cake on Christmas. I would want a Govt that gives all its citizens a sense of security, equal opportunities and gives employment, development and fights the election on issues as these rather than taking a short cut! Alas...am I asking too much! Still as a good citizen, I shall vote; only thing to be thought about is, which party should I vote for!!! Being a Hindu or a Muslim or any other minority, doesn't really matter as it has never been about them any way.! Amidst all this though , I have found my identity- I AM A VOTE!