Peans of feelings that's surreal and pristine, and yearnings of love,

Glimmer of that sweet smile in the eyes when you see me,

Tucking away an inscrutable note of proclaimed passion,

In the corner of your mouth, ever so of just a slight degree!


To beguile the world of your true feelings, kosher that was,

You seek, behold and feel so profoundly that sense of longing

Perching in the heart and yet remaining concealed,

Like ember, underneath the piece of wood waiting for its wing!


Disarming yourself from your ego and pride, for that mattered not,

In the world that we lived in, all we felt was an ecstatic bliss

With a narrative that flowed freely, without any obligatory horizon,

Like a fragile flower opening to the warmth of spring as we reminisce!


You were ‘home’ with your head in my lap, with the askance ray of sun

Playing with your hair, setting alight all my dark,

Like a sonnet to my music or like the twinkling stars to the night sky

Beyond the artificiality of a structure, so clearly, I had felt its spark!


Oh Love! I carried you in my mind and in my heart, with much hope,

With the possibility of looking into your eyes and seeing the world,

Now I realise though, it was not you- it was just the idea of you,

I was in love with the idea of love-in my dream, all around it just twirled!!!


Copyright © Aradhana Mishra

July 14th 2020