Don’t go!

For I am yet to smell that crisp mountain air,

Trapped in the collar fold of the combat uniform that you were wearing,

When you came to see me.


Don’t go!

For the heels that I had raised to reach up to your shoulders,

And to wrap you in the sweetness of the moment

Swimming in the exhilarating concoction of  emotions…

….are yet to touch the ground!


Don’t go!

For I am not yet done listening to the sweet nothings,

That you whispered in my ears, making me aware of myself and swaddling me,

With the silk thread of your fragrance, all at once.


Don’t go!

For I am yet to catch that firefly twinkling in your eyes,

To light up my sky when you are gone, to the call of duty that u so cherish,

Just a bit longer, let me be in your embrace.


Don’t go!

For I am yet to Untwine the fingers - yours and mine,

That got entwined when you softly caressed your cheeks against mine,

While the sunflowers swayed with the August breeze outdoors.


Don’t go!

For I am yet to sip the water that came with you,

From the gushing spring, flowing up in the high hills, laced over your lips,

Let the summer of your love, touch the winter of my heart.


Don’t go!

For I have just tasted the elixir of love

And my heart that’s fluttering like the wings of the most fragile bird,

is yet to stop with the calmness of your presence.


Don't go..stay.. just a bit longer!


Copyright © Aradhana Mishra