The nip in the morning and the rays falling askance on the window pane,

Remind her, winter was on its way- in the plain and in the mountain.

“Finally! Over is the excruciating summer!!,” she sighed,

A smile sprouted off her shapely mouth, but thereon defied.

For her soldier was up in the mountains, in the vigil of his land,

Soon, it will be white all around there, a vista -majestic and grand!

Soon, it will be cold with the rivers frozen and the trees bare,

But alert he will have to be, his duty for his country- that’s all he would care.

“well, I shall stitch a quilt for my soldier, to keep him warm,

With appliques of affection, courage, belief and a bit of my charm,”

She thought, her world had the colours in the smile of her child,

While he stood guard, on that snowy peak, in the silent night.

Maybe, she shall pack some childhood of their son too and send it there,

Lest it’s eaten by the termites of the time- to him that shall be unfair.

She, her soldier’s eve, shall wait with as much fortitude and grit, if not more,

Till he comes home, let her heart wait and let her heart soar.

There will be dawn of the peace when the ‘winter’ of unrest is over,

He then, shall be back with pride in his heart, and unmistakable composure.

To the aroma of that chocolate cake being baked, to the hee-haw of his child,

And to the smell of freshly cut lawn- in his absence gone wild.


Copyright © Aradhana Mishra

Picture credit- Google plus