You climbed the mountains, you crossed the oceans

Sands of the desert flowed freely in your fist.

You patted your back to have conquered the world,

Friendly and tough, far and close, all in your list.


You conquered  nature and reigned the planet

Or so you thought, ignoring the rest that made it.

Not paying heed to the balance I cried for,

As always, I had to intervene to give you a nudge just a tad bit.


Though this time a little harsher than the other,

I sent a resilient warrior messenger, Covid you named.

And change you did, calling the ways ‘new normal’,

Rejoicing in the glimmer of a snow-capped vision thus reclaimed.

 A river where the dolphins frolicked, a highway where the giraffes walked

Fancy you felt, calling it ‘nature reclaiming its space’;

But I stayed silent for I knew that your sordid greed had only paused

For a tiny while, before it got back to the fore and onto the surface.


Before you again befog the skylines with all that you call need

For power, for supremacy, for money, for convenience, for place.

Before you again snatch away the space from my other claimants.

Claiming your pre-eminence not only as a species but also as a caste, rank and race.


Engulfed in the colossal sense of SELF, you shall rage a war,

Against your own kind, calling them DIFFERENT,

A warning, nevertheless, I must give you, I am yours, But NOT YOURS ONLY.

Do not be oblivious to the signs of this raging current.


Satiate your hunger, for that is the way of life,

but define your ‘HUNGER’ in a way that is just, else I shall come again,

With a retribution ever so inexorable, for your sins would surpass

The threshold of forgiveness, and DEAR SAPIENS too late it shall be by then



Copyright © Aradhana Mishra

Photo Credit #NCstateuniversity