It was soft, light, pristine

Like the falling stars,

The fluffy snow flakes were silent,

And spoke of tenderness.


An evening that was,

It hardened the next day,

With people walking over it,

And then it became slippery.

Love that was!


The horizon was clear

With that aurora light,

Nothing was obscure, nothing was to hide,

under that starry sky,


But the very next day,

The Sun was ablaze in that desert,

It parched the throat,

It parched the heart,

Love that was!


The waves cradled the boat,

Humming the eternal notes of longing,

With a constant rhythm,

Assuring and allaying,


Lurking underneath

Was the storm unknown

It made the waves fierce,

And drowned all that it held close.

Love that was!



Copyright © Aradhana Mishra

Photo Credit #Photographyoffice