With the mysterious and squally wind,

You roll down the slopes of the solemn mountains,

You flow with the gentle splash of the river,

As it begins to drift through the forest.

You revel, when it jumps for joy over the time worn rocks,

With the rain you dance jubilantly,

When the sweet, gleaming pearls of water

Fall on the leaves, with a tad haste.


You go ecstatic, when that pattering sound,

Blurs into a song, like an orchestra of the heaven,

The true enchantress- you gently stir,

My wavy hair in the balmy spring zephyr.

In the flutter of that wispy butterfly,

And the twitter of the chirpy birds,

You enrapture my heart and captivate my soul,

With the lilting tune, more than ever.


Your notes may not be conspicuous,

But feel- I do, and so do I hear,

In the breeze, in the light and all around,

In this divine symphony of the moon and star.

Oh! Dear music, as you take me with you to the world,

Beyond all those musical instruments,and the songs sung,

That I truly understand; Nature is the greatest maestro,

And its loyal messenger forever you are!


Copyright © Aradhana Mishra

                                                                                     Nov 3rd,2018