Who needs a 'day' to celebrate who SHE is!

In a space I have carved for myself,

I am contented and much at peace

Do not though worry, I shall not take yours,

Control your temper and reign your caprice.

My chord may be different with a contrasting note,

But we can create a symphony with your intonation

Harmony can’t be as elusive as made out to be,

For ‘I’ and ‘you’ are the part of one creation.

I assure you, I am not in a contest with you

But have no doubt about my pertinence

As I have no hesitation in accepting yours

Clear your mind of prejudices and any ambivalence.

You are the Adam and I am your eve,

I do not seek a day to celebrate being a ‘SHE’,

For the glory lies not in asserting one’s existence

It is in complementing the other and still being free.

Copyright @ Aradhana Mishra